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Shawl Scarf Stole

Shawl Scarf Stole

Women's Wear

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Beige Velvet Shawl

Trendy Beige Color Velvet Shawl with Lining..


Black and Orange Shawl -11%

Black and Orange Shawl

Stylish Poly Cotton Black and Orange Shawl..

Rs.222.00 Rs.197.00

Black Cotton Shawl -4%

Black Cotton Shawl

Black Cotton Shawl with beautiful flower design..

Rs.260.00 Rs.249.00

Brown Fancy shawl -10%

Brown Fancy shawl

Polyester Fancy shawl with emboidered flower...

Rs.260.00 Rs.235.00

Brown Pashmina Silk Scarf

Stylish Stretchable Wrinkled printed Pashmina Silk ScarfDimensions:Length:170cm, Width:45cm..


Brown Shawl -10%

Brown Shawl

Brown Cotton Polyester Blend shawl..

Rs.222.00 Rs.200.00

Brown Woolen shawl -7%

Brown Woolen shawl

Golden Woolwn shawl..

Rs.242.00 Rs.225.00

Buy 4 Get 1 Free -19%

Buy 4 Get 1 Free

Polyester Viscose Blend Shawl..

Rs.800.00 Rs.650.00

Cream Viscose Shawl

Cream Color Horizontal  Striped Viscose Shawl..


Dark Grey shawl

Dark grey Cotton Polyester blend shawl..


Double layer Fancy Shawl -7%

Double layer Fancy Shawl

Double layer Polyester chiffon blend fancy shawl with lining..

Rs.305.00 Rs.285.00

Double Sided Shawl

Double Sided Shawl. Different Patterns in both sides..


Fancy  Shawl -7%

Fancy Shawl

Polyester fancy silk type shawl with Lining..

Rs.243.00 Rs.225.00

Gold Black Shawl

Polyester wool Blend Soft Shiny Shawl..


Golden Net Shawl

* Stylish Golden Net shawl* Jute and  Silk Blend Stretchable MaterialDimensions:Length: 180cmWidth: 55cmNB: Excluded Accessories..


Golden Velvet Shawl

Trendy Golden Color Velevet Shawl with Lining..


Golden Viscose Shawl

Stylish  Soft and thin red and Black Striped Golden Viscose shawl..


Golden Wrinkled Double Sided Winter Shawl

Yellow Poly cotton Wrinkled Double Sided Winter Shawl..


Grey Double sided winter Shawl

Wrinkled Grey and White Poly cotton shawl..


Lengthy Pashmina Shawl

Lengthy Poly cotton pashmina shawl..


Maroon Pashmina Silk Scarf

Stylish Maroon Pashmina Silk Stretchable ScarfDimensions:Lenght:160cm, Width:45cm..


Maroon Velvet Shawl

Trendy Designed Red velvet shawl with lining. ..


Orange PolySilk Shawl

Orange Polyester Silk Blend Shawl..


Orange White Shawl

Orange and White Soft and Shiny Poly Cotton shawl..


Parvin Cotton shawl

Beautiful Designed Cotton shawl ..


Parvin Fancy Shawl

Polyester shawl with beautiful flower design..


Parvin Fancy Shawl -9%

Parvin Fancy Shawl

Polyester Fancy Shawl using beautiful flower stone work. Both edges are Attached with net..

Rs.400.00 Rs.364.00

Parvin Maroon Shawl -8%

Parvin Maroon Shawl

Cotton Polyester Blend Maroon Shawl..

Rs.213.00 Rs.197.00

Parvin Orange Shawl -8%

Parvin Silk Shawl

Polyester Silk Blend Shawl with flower designs on both ends. Double color circle design on black area..


Parvin Yellow Shawl -8%

Parvin Yellow Shawl

Parvin Yellow Shawl..

Rs.254.00 Rs.234.00

Pink Fancy Shawl -9%

Pink Fancy Shawl

Pink Fancy Shawl Designed with Circle using Fabric Material..

Rs.273.00 Rs.249.00

Pink Silk shawl

Trendy Polyester silk blend shawl..