Abaya 3410 New
Features:* Stylish Arabian Design Pardha* Double Colour Bead Works on Cuff, Top abd Botton* Outside ..
INR 1,716.00

Abaya 3365 New
Features:* Semi-Georgette and Satin Material* Simple Stone Work* Front Open DesignDimensions:(S) &nb..
INR 2,000.00

Abaya 3404 New
Features:* Two Color Material* Stylish Stone work on Top and Cuff* Inside Satin Cloth and Outside Tr..
INR 2,075.00

Abaya 3403 New
Features:* Stretchable Shiny Material* Matching stone WorkDimensions:(S)     Length:5..
INR 1,360.00

Abaya 3402 New
Features:* Stretchable Shiny Material* Simple Stone Work* Arabian DesignDimensions:(S)    ..
INR 1,290.00

Abaya 3401 New
Features:* Stretchable Material* Printed Design* Laces attached on Both sides* Flair modelDimensions..
INR 1,395.00

Abaya 3364 New
Features:* Polyester Burqa* Full Length Embroidery Net DesignDimensions:(S)     Lengt..
INR 2,000.00

Suit Abaya 3372 New
Features:* Poly Cotton Thick Material shiny Suit abaya* Embroidery Work on Both Bottom and CuffDimen..
INR 2,070.00

Abaya 3399 New
Features:* Stylish Polyester Stone work abaya* Inside Satin material and outside transparent materia..
INR 2,070.00

Abaya 3371 New
Features:* Polyester Abaya* There is Net Embroidery Design inside satin Cloth on Left side and Top* ..
INR 2,123.00

Features:* Polyester Embroidery work Burqa* Embroidery work on Net Material* Elegant Stone Work ..
INR 2,145.00

Features:* Stylish Semi-Georgette Burqa * Front Open Design* Satin Cloth Bead Work on Cuff and ..
INR 2,500.00

Features:* Trendy Suit Abaya* Made with Poly Cotton Shiny* Attractive Stone WorkDimensions:(S)  ..
INR 1,860.00

* Stylish Lycra Abaya with attached Satin Design* Both sides are attached with Laces* Umbrella Botto..
INR 2,000.00

* Semi-Georgette Abaya* Stylish Transparent Material Outside and Satin Material Outside* Front Open ..
INR 2,130.00

* Suit Burqa * Made with Poly Cotton and Satin Material* Shiny Material* Flair Model AbayaDimen..
INR 1,999.00

* Semi-Georgette Burqa * Satin Cloth Beading Work on Cuff and Bottom..
INR 2,288.00

* Trendy Lengthy Makkana Hijab* Two Side open Lengthy Hijab* Attached with Two Lace on both sides..
INR 570.00

* Made with Pardha Cloth and Satin Material* Stone work on side and Cuff AreaDimensions:(S)   &..
INR 1,999.00

* Shawl Model Hijab* Attached with Stretchable Head Cover..
INR 375.00

* Shawl Model Hijab* Attached with Stretchable Head Cover..
INR 375.00

* Two Colour Material Hijab* Attached with Two Laces on both sidesDimensions:(XXL)  Length: 65c..
INR 350.00

*Lengthy Bridal Makkana Hijab*Two side open with Lace*Stone work Hijab..
INR 670.00

*Lengthy Bridal Makkana Hijab*Two side open with Lace*Stone work Hijab..
INR 670.00

* Semi-Georgette Stone Work Abaya* Upper Area Made with Inside Satin material and Outside Transparen..
INR 2,431.00

Black and Orange Shawl -11%
Stylish Poly Cotton Black and Orange Shawl..
INR 222.00 INR 197.00

Black Cotton Shawl -4%
Black Cotton Shawl with beautiful flower design..
INR 260.00 INR 249.00

Blue Applique Fancy Shawl -8%
Blue Applique Fancy shawl with velvett and hand crafted flower work..
INR 260.00 INR 239.00

Blue Fancy Shawl -10%
Semi-Crepe Blue Fancy Shawl..
INR 227.00 INR 205.00

Brown Fancy shawl -10%
Polyester Fancy shawl with emboidered flower...
INR 260.00 INR 235.00

Brown Shawl -10%
Brown Cotton Polyester Blend shawl..
INR 222.00 INR 200.00

Brown Woolen shawl -7%
Golden Woolwn shawl..
INR 242.00 INR 225.00

Buy 4 Get 1 Free -19%
Polyester Viscose Blend Shawl..
INR 800.00 INR 650.00

Double layer Fancy Shawl -7%
Double layer Polyester chiffon blend fancy shawl with lining..
INR 305.00 INR 285.00

Fancy  Shawl -7%
Polyester fancy silk type shawl with Lining..
INR 243.00 INR 225.00

Fancy Net Shawl -14%
Fancy Net Shawl with vellvett and stone work ..
INR 256.00 INR 220.00

Multicolor Fancy Shawl -8%
Yellow Brown Multicolor Fancy Shawl..
INR 249.00 INR 229.00

Multicolor Fancy Shawl -8%
Cotton Polyester blend Multicolor designer Fancy shawl..
INR 249.00 INR 229.00

Multicolor Fancy Shawl -11%
Multicolor Crepe Polyester shawlFancy Shawl..
INR 187.00 INR 166.00

Multicolor Glitter Fancy Shawl -12%
Multo-color Polyester Glitter shawl for Occasions ..
INR 137.00 INR 120.00

Parvin Fancy Shawl -9%
Polyester Fancy Shawl using beautiful flower stone work. Both edges are Attached with net..
INR 400.00 INR 364.00

Parvin Maroon Shawl -8%
Cotton Polyester Blend Maroon Shawl..
INR 213.00 INR 197.00

Parvin Orange Shawl -8%
Orane Shawl 8195..
INR 254.00 INR 234.00

Parvin Yellow Shawl -8%
Parvin Yellow Shawl..
INR 254.00 INR 234.00

Pink Fancy Shawl -9%
Pink Fancy Shawl Designed with Circle using Fabric Material..
INR 273.00 INR 249.00

Pink Stone work Fancy Shawl -10%
Beautiful Embroidered Stone work Shawl along with velevett material flower design attached with net...
INR 500.00 INR 450.00

Pink Wool Shawl -7%
Polyester wool blend pink shiny striped Shawl..
INR 182.00 INR 170.00

Striped Orange Green shawl -11%
Cotton Polyester Blend Striped Orange and Green Color Shawl..
INR 254.00 INR 225.00

Yellow Cotton Shawl -10%
Yellow White Black combiantion Cotton shawl..
INR 222.00 INR 199.00

Magenta Kids hijab made with Soft stretchable RT Cloth..
INR 215.00

Designer Embroidered Wedding Pardha..
INR 6,300.00

Flair model V-shaped Abaya. Inside satin and outside transparent cloth. ..
INR 2,415.00

Dia Double shaded kids hijab..
INR 215.00

Double Layer Abaya.. Inside designed satin material and outside semi-georgette transparent material..
INR 2,100.00

Dia Black Kids Hijab using cotton polyester Blend..
INR 215.00

Double color Stretchable hijab..
INR 380.00

* Two  Side Open Shawl hijab* You can revolve around the neck* Stretchable, So you can use for ..
INR 299.00

Beautiful Polyester soft and Shiny stretchable HijabDimensions:(3XL)  Length: 75cms, Shoulder: ..
INR 299.00

Beautiful suite Abaya..
INR 2,175.00

Trendy Golden Color Velevet Shawl with Lining..
INR 165.00

Trendy Beige Color Velvet Shawl with Lining..
INR 165.00

Farha Kids abaya made with Cotton Polyester Blend..
INR 249.00

Beautiful Mawar Hijab with flower handwork using net for Casual UseDimensions:(3XL)  Lengt..
INR 399.00

Ria Green Hijab made with Soft Shiny Cotton Polyester blend Cloth..
INR 215.00

Trendy white velvet shawl with lining..
INR 165.00

Blue Polyester Viscose Blend Shawl..
INR 160.00

Cream Color Horizontal  Striped Viscose Shawl..
INR 250.00

Hayfa Fashionable hijab..
INR 380.00

Double layer Pardha Inside Designed satin material and outside transparent semi-georgette material..
INR 2,395.00

Parvin Polyester Multicolor Shawl..
INR 115.00

Lengthy Poly Cotton Pashmiana Shawl..
INR 359.00

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