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Abaya Pardha Burqa

Abaya Pardha Burqa

Islamic Women;s clothings

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Pardha 2410

Material:* Polyester Lycra Dimensions:(S)     Length:50" (125cm), Waist:21" (52cm)           Bust:22..

INR 1,750.00

Pardha 2451

Material:* Semi-GeorgetteDimensions:(S)     Length:50" (125cm), Waist:21" (52cm)           Bust:22" (56cm..

INR 2,170.00

Pardha 2621

Flair model V-shaped Abaya. Inside satin and outside transparent cloth. ..

INR 2,415.00

Pardha 2641

Double Layer Abaya.. Inside designed satin material and outside semi-georgette transparent material..

INR 2,100.00

Pardha 2754

Double layer Pardha Inside Designed satin material and outside transparent semi-georgette material..

INR 2,395.00

Pardha 3122

Features:* Stylish Front Open Double Layer Bottom* Borders are Designed With Satin ClothMaterial:* Semi-GeorgetteDimensions:(S)     Len..

INR 2,095.00

Pardha 3123

* Trendy Soft Polyester Abaya* Stylish Embroidery Flower Design on Left SideDimensions:(M)     Length:130cm, Waist:54cm,     ..

INR 4,220.00

Pardha 3124

* Polyester Burqa with Satin Material Border Design* Specially Designed Double Layer SleeveDimensions:(M)     Length:130cm, Waist:54cm, ..

INR 3,090.00

Pardha 3125

* Fashionable Georgette Black and Magenta Nida Burqa* Stylish Polyester Georgette Burqa. Border's are designed with satin material and the entire part..

INR 2,830.00

Pardha 3133

*Bubble Design Full Sleeve Velvet PardhaDimensions:(S)     Length:50" (125cm), Waist:21" (52cm)          ..

INR 1,365.00

Pardha 3189

Features:Fashionable Two Layer Burqa. Inside Satin Material and outside Transparent Pardha cloth.Material:* Semi-GeorgetteDimensions:(S)    ..

INR 2,290.00

Pardha 3210

Polyester Malaysian Design Pardha with Stone work on Cuff and BottomDimensions:(S)     Length:50" (125cm), Waist:21" (52cm)  ..

INR 1,800.00

Pardha 3214

* Fashionable Polyester and Satin Blend Burqa* Satin Cloth inside and Transparent Polyester Cloth OutsideDimensions:(S)     Length:50" ..

INR 1,859.00

Pardha 3237

Polyester Stone work Pardha Dimensions:(S)     Length:50" (125cm), Waist:21" (52cm)           Bust:2..

INR 1,502.00

Pardha 3240

Stylish Over Layer Pardha.Features:* Sleeves are designed with inside satin material covered using net * Fixed stone work on sleeves and middle p..

INR 3,718.00

Pardha 3241

* Polyester Striped Printed Burqa* Both Cuff's and Neck sleeves are made with satin cloth along with embroidery workDimensions:(S)     ..

INR 2,860.00

Pardha 3250

* Poly Silk Embroidered Pardha * Stylish Embroidery and stone work on both cuff and front bottom sideDimensions:(S)     Length:50"..

INR 1,752.00

Poly Silk Pardha 3138

Fashionable poly silk soft and shiny arabian burqa with matching shawl. V-shaped neck and wide hand wristDimensions:(M)     Length:130cm, Wa..

INR 3,430.00

Stone Work Wedding Pardha

Features:*Stylish Stone Work Wedding Pardha* Two Open Pleats on Front Side Material:* Georgette and SatinDimensions:(S)     Length..

INR 3,930.00

Suit Abaya 3185

Elegant Trendy Suit abaya ..

INR 1,859.00

Suit Abaya 3362

Features:* Trendy Suit Abaya* Made with Poly Cotton Shiny* Attractive Stone WorkDimensions:(S)     Length:50" (125cm), Waist:21" (52cm)..

INR 1,860.00

Suit Burqa 3373

* Suit Burqa * Made with Poly Cotton and Satin Material* Shiny Material* Flair Model AbayaDimensions:(S)     Length:50" (125cm), W..

INR 1,999.00

Suit Pardha 3186

Trendy Polyester Polyester Cotton Blend Suit PardhaDimensions:(S)     Length:50" (125cm), Waist:21" (52cm)       &n..

INR 2,360.00

Suit Pardha 3188

Suit Pardha 3138Dimensions:(S)     Length:50" (125cm), Waist:21" (52cm)           Bust:22" (56cm), Sleeve..

INR 2,359.00

Suit Pardha 3372

Features:* Front Open Suit Abaya* Full length embroidery work from Middle to BottomMaterial:Semi-GeorgetteDimensions:(S)     Length:50" (125..

INR 2,075.00

Wedding Pardha 2455

Designer Embroidered Wedding Pardha..

INR 6,300.00