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Abaya Pardha Burqa

Abaya Pardha Burqa

Islamic Women;s clothings

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Abaya 3203

Features:* Over-coat style embroidery work with Lace* Stone work on Front-Bottom and CuffMaterial:Semi-GeorgetteDimensions:(S)     Length:50..

INR 2,925.00

Abaya 3220

Features:*  Front Open Style Pardha* Simple Stone work * Satin Material Attached inside and Transparent material outsideMaterial:Semi-George..

INR 2,245.00

Abaya 3229

Features:* Full length stone work Pardha* Stone Work and Net Mixed Ful length DesignMaterial:Semi-GeorgetteDimensions:(S)     Length:50" (12..

INR 2,495.00

Abaya 3333

* Semi-Georgette Burqa * Satin Cloth Beading Work on Cuff and Bottom..

INR 2,288.00

Abaya 3358

* Semi-Georgette Abaya* Stylish Transparent Material Outside and Satin Material Outside* Front Open DesignDimensions:(S)     Length:50"..

INR 2,130.00

Abaya 3364

Features:* Polyester Burqa* Full Length Embroidery Net DesignDimensions:(S)     Length:50" (125cm), Waist:21" (52cm)    ..

INR 2,000.00

Abaya 3365

Features:* Semi-Georgette and Satin Material* Simple Stone Work* Front Open DesignDimensions:(S)     Length:50" (125cm), Waist:21" (52c..

INR 2,000.00

Abaya 3367

Features:* Stylish Semi-Georgette Burqa * Front Open Design* Satin Cloth Bead Work on Cuff and BottomDimensions:(S)     Length:50"..

INR 2,500.00

Abaya 3369

Features:* Polyester Embroidery work Burqa* Embroidery work on Net Material* Elegant Stone Work * Front Open DesignDimensions:(S)    &n..

INR 2,145.00

Abaya 3370

Features:* Semi-Georgette Stone Work Abaya* Special Stone work Bottom Left* Corner Designer Material Inside Satin Cloth and Outside Transparent *..

INR 2,431.00

Abaya 3371

Features:* Polyester Abaya* There is Net Embroidery Design inside satin Cloth on Left side and Top* Elegant Stone work Dimensions:(S)   &nbs..

INR 2,123.00

Abaya 3390

Features:* Trendy Polyester Satin Silk Blend Abaya* High Quality MaterialDimensions:(S)     Length:50" (125cm), Waist:21" (52cm) &..

INR 4,218.00

Abaya 3393

Features:* Full length stone work Pardha* Attached with designed material on both sidesMaterial:Semi-GeorgetteDimensions:(S)     Length..

INR 1,716.00

Abaya 3396

Features:* Cuff and Bottom are attached with Satin Material along with Simple Stone WorkMaterial:Semi-GeorgetteDimensions:(S)     Length:50"..

INR 1,988.00

Abaya 3401

Features:* Stretchable Material* Printed Design* Laces attached on Both sides* Flair modelDimensions:(S)     Length:50" (125cm), Waist:..

INR 1,395.00

Abaya 3402

Features:* Stretchable Shiny Material* Simple Stone Work* Arabian DesignDimensions:(S)     Length:50" (125cm), Waist:21" (52cm) &n..

INR 1,290.00

Abaya 3402

Features:* Stretchable Burqa* Full Length Simple Stone WorkMaterial:Polyester LycraDimensions:(S)     Length:50" (125cm), Waist:21" (52cm)&n..

INR 1,287.00

Abaya 3403

Features:* Stretchable Shiny Material* Matching stone WorkMaterial:Stretchable Polyester LycraDimensions:(S)     Length:50" (125cm), Wa..

INR 1,360.00

Abaya 3404

Features:* Two Color Material* Stylish Stone work on Top and Cuff* Inside Satin Cloth and Outside Transparent Material* Arabian Style Burqa* Umbrella ..

INR 2,075.00

Abaya 3412

* Stylish arabian Style Flair Model Abaya* Transparent Semi-Georgette outer material and Designed Satin Cloth Inside* Premium Quality White Stone Work..

INR 4,915.00

Abaya 3413

* Polyester Soft and shiny Material* Striped Design* Elegant Stone Work* Stylish Embroidery Work on Chest and CuffDimensions:(S)     Le..

INR 4,362.00

Abaya 3440

Features:* Front Open Style Pardha*  Satin Cloth attached as Border* Double Layer Pardha* Premium Quality MaterialMaterial:Semi-GeorgetteDimensio..

INR 4,147.00

Abaya 3500

Features:* Umbrella Style Bottom Abaya* Double layer with Lace Attached* High Quality MaterialMaterial:Quality Nida ClothDimensions:(S)     ..

INR 2,860.00

Abaya 3506

Features:* Front Open Model Pardha* Attached with designer border style* Inside Satin and Outside Transparent Cloth on Top and sleeveMaterial:Semi-Geo..

INR 3,146.00

Abaya 3520

Features:* One Side Open Style* Double Layer Stitching* Premium Quality MaterialMaterial:PolySilk, NidaDimensions:(S)     Length:50" (125cm)..

INR 3,575.00

Abaya 3564 New

Abaya 3564

Features:* Flair Bottom Abaya* Mixed Pattern ClothMaterial:Nida Clothl  Dimensions:(S)     Length:50" (125cm), Waist:21" (52cm) &n..

INR 2,467.00

Abaya 3598 New

Abaya 3598

Features:*Printed Design AbayaMaterial:Finest Quality Nida ClothDimensions:(S)     Length:50" (125cm), Waist:21" (52cm)     &..

INR 3,003.00

Abaya 3600 New

Abaya 3600

Features:* Double Layer Flair AbayaMaterial:Inner as Printed Satin Clothouter layer transparent material  Dimensions:(S)     Length:50"..

INR 3,303.00

Abaya 3603 New

Abaya 3603

Features:* Two Different Pattern Material* Trendy Black Stone WorkMaterial:Finest Quality Nida ClothDimensions:(S)     Length:50" (125cm), W..

INR 2,431.00

Abaya 3651

Features:* Two Different Color Material* Simple Black Stone WorkMaterial:Finest Quality Nida clothDimensions:(S)     Length:50" (125cm), Wai..

INR 3,575.00

Abaya 3679

Features:* Flier Style Design Bottom* Printed Design attached on Bottom* Front Outer layer Transparent MaterialMaterial:Semi-georgette Pardha Material..

INR 2,800.00

Abaya 3680 New

Abaya 3680

Features:*Embroidery with net design on bottom and cuff* Black Stone work on Bottom and CuffMaterial:Semi-georgette Pardha MaterialDimensions:(S) &nbs..

INR 1,645.00

Abaya 3724 New

Abaya 3724

Features:* Two Different Pattern Material* Attached trendy patterned material around.Material:Finest Quality Nida ClothDimensions:(S)     Le..

INR 2,360.00

Burqa 3359

* Made with Pardha Cloth and Satin Material* Stone work on side and Cuff AreaDimensions:(S)     Length:50" (125cm), Waist:21" (52cm)&nb..

INR 1,999.00

Denim Pardha 3182

* Trendy Denim PardhaDimensions:(S)     Length:50" (125cm), Waist:21" (52cm)           Bust:22" (56cm), S..

INR 1,825.00

Karachi Model Pardha 3165

Stylish Karachi model Pardha made with Both Baniyan cloth and Polyester Blend along with top to bottom lengthy embroidery work.There is  laces in..

INR 2,359.00

Pardha 2147

Material:* PolyCotton Dimensions:(S)     Length:50" (125cm), Waist:21" (52cm)           Bust:22" (56..

INR 2,100.00

Pardha 2393

Designed abaya with colored sleves..

INR 2,100.00

Pardha 2395

Features:* Material Design BurqaMaterial:* Semi-GeorgetteDimensions:(S)     Length:50" (125cm), Waist:21" (52cm)     &nb..

INR 1,470.00